Garlic Planting Time

Two new beds have been assembled, filled with compost, and planted with garlic seed.

Here’s the process from the beginning.

  1. Purchase garlic from School House Market in 2009.
  2. Plant garlic in October of 2009.
  3. Collect old oak fence boards from the horse farm.
  4. Store old oak fence boards for later use.
  5. Harvest garlics in July 2010.
  6. Dry garlics, eat garlics, sell garlics, press garlic on chicken,
  7. Buy two other varieties of unknown hard neck garlics from School House Market in October 2010.
  8. Shovel two loads of compost into the pickup truck and two loads out of the pickup truck.
  9. Get out old oak fence boards, cut to length, and fasten together with screws.
  10. Turn over the sod with a shovel and cover with newspaper.
  11. Fill frames with compost.
  12. Smack ankle with hammer while pounding in a metal stake to keep the frame from bellying.
  13. Make a plywood template for spacing.
  14. Mark planting points with lime.
  15. Use dibble to make holes.
  16. Drop in garlic seed and cover.
  17. Wait for 10 months … expectantly.
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